The X-Wife Podcast: An Introduction to X-Men Comics

1990’s Throwback! New Comics for July 27 - Gambit #1 and Wolverine: Patch #4

July 28, 2022

Where have all the Krakoans gone!? Too soon...  Marvel is taking a rest week from the current era and serving up a double dose of 90's nostalgia. The SNIKTs be slicing in Patch's penultimate issue. A whole lot of double crossing and epic adamantium justice. Then we team up with Gambit and Storm in an unseen tale on the streets of Cairo... Illinois. This issue was a ton of surprising fun with great character beats. Looking forward to more! We do get a quick Krakoan scroller with X-Men Unlimited, setting up a lot of context for what's bubbling up. Look out for next issue.  We also talk Spider-Man and how it might lead into his crossover with Wolverine and Justin has indeed finished his reading assignment with Eternals, giving a high level on the ancient society. We talk Gambit #1, Wolverine: Patch #4, Infinity Comics and a bunch of stray ideas

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