The X-Wife Podcast: An Introduction to X-Men Comics

Destiny of X: New Comics for Aug 3 - X-Men Red #5, Immortal X-Men #5, Legion of X #4 and X-Men 92 #4

August 5, 2022

Be still my artificial heart, what a roller coaster of emotions! So much epic destruction and battle. Starting off with 92 of Swords, the barely classic crossover is re-imagined, boiling down to just one issue of sweet 90s goodness. Things are getting intense in the Legion as Nightcrawler and Zsen dive deep into their philosophies and Kurt's bed. Immortal X-Men continues our meditations of philosophy and religion in the Krakoan Era. Pope Exodus will see you now. Then, the hour of intensity that was teased, X-Men Red shows us just went down on Arakko with Uranos... woof. Also, Doug's a liar and X-Men Green are playing literally everyone. We talk X-Men '92 #4, Legion of X #4, Immortal X-Men #5, X-Men Red #5 and Infinity Comics

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