The X-Wife Podcast: An Introduction to X-Men Comics

Destiny of X: New Comics for Aug 31 - X-Men #14, Knights of X #5, X-Force #31 and Gambit #2

September 2, 2022

What a week! It's an all killer, no filler lineup with solid story and art all around. Our X-Men team take on a slight side quest with an extinction level event in the sun as Iceman gets to shine as his full self! Knights of X comes to an end, leaving us wanting more but finding solid resolution for our heroes. X-Force is stirring the pot with our feature characters as someone stalks in the distance. Gambit is the best Claremont comic in years, I'll fight to defend it. Please don't fight me, I'm still weak from the COVID. And in Unlimited we're partying the night away at the Gala. We talk X-Men #14, Knights of X #5, X-Force #31, Gambit #2 and X-Men Unlimited

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