The X-Wife Podcast: An Introduction to X-Men Comics

Destiny of X: New Comics for July 13 Part 2 - Eve of Judgment #1, Marauders #4, Wolverine #23 and New Mutants #27

July 19, 2022

A whirlwind of comics content! This one has it all, starting with a follow up on the seeds of Judgment. Those Eternals - or at least that Druig - they're up to something... Out in the deep space voyage of Marauders we get some further historical development as well as some timely next steps. Back at the mansion, the reunion tour continues as things get real messy between Wolverine and Deadpool. And then a tale of two Illyanas, one of heartbreaking trauma and emotional reunions. New Mutants is nearing the end of the Labors of Magik as she's gotten herself a new job. PLUS! A great conclusion to our mutant language story in X-Men Unlimited - what a week! And that's not even all of them. We talk Eve of Judgment #1, Marauders #4, Wolverine #23, New Mutants #27 and X-Men Unlimited

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