The X-Wife Podcast: An Introduction to X-Men Comics

Destiny of X: New Comics for July 20 - Judgment Day #1 and Knights of X #4

July 22, 2022

Our judgment has begun! And it is most certainly worthy. Things are heating up as the Knights of X press further into the depths of Otherworld. Welcome to your own personal hell. Askani is the MVP of this issue, ready to save her and all of us! Onto the impending Judgment. The all out epic kicks off with layers of intensity. Druig's plan is coming into focus, but is it too late? Can the mutants preserve their new found ways of life? If you were on the fence of whether or not Judgment Day would be crucial for the mutant story, hopefully this answers your question. Then in X-Men Unlimited, a team up clean up as a new style of Marauders merged with New Mutants saves the day from the destruction of X-Men Green. X-Men Red Cross? We talk Knights of X #4, Judgment Day #1 and X-Men Unlimited

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