The X-Wife Podcast: An Introduction to X-Men Comics

Destiny of X: New Comics for July 6 - Sabretooth #5 and Legion of X #3

July 7, 2022

They're coming for you Xavier! So much going on in Legion of X, mind games, magic and.. mental incest!? Don't make that a trope for my boy! The Legion's missions are coming together and apparently they're one in the same. Over in the depths of Krakoa something is brewing and it's more than Magma's volcano - a lasting addition to our island that we can't trust. Doug's passing out Get Out Of Jail Free cards left and right! The X-Cellent closes out their first season with their best issue yet and a solid X-Men Unlimited diving into language around the island. We talk Sabretooth #5, Legion of X #3, The X-Cellent #5 and X-Men Unlimited

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