The X-Wife Podcast: An Introduction to X-Men Comics

Destiny of X: New Comics for Nov. 2 - X-Men Red #8, Deadpool #1 and Captain Marvel #43

November 4, 2022

That damn Brand y'all! An explosive week where we thought it was light, but a last minute Carol joined the party. Captain Marvel kicks off an arc with a select team of X-Men fighting a Brood threat in spaaaace! Speaking of kicking things off, the merc with a mouth has a new solo that looks Krakoan by its data pages, but not so much by its plot. Watch out Wade, Harrower has your number. Then the book of the week, X-Men Red is doing the lord's work of thread tying, revealing payoffs to seeds and hyping us up for what's to come! We talk X-Men Red #8, Deadpool #1, Captain Marvel #43 and X-Men Unlimited.

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