The X-Wife Podcast: An Introduction to X-Men Comics

Destiny of X: New Comics for Sept 14 - Judgment Day #4, X-Men Red #6, Amazing Spider-Man #9, X-Men 92 #5 and Midnight Suns #1

September 17, 2022

We're on a universe wide tour this time folks as the mutants' circle is expanding even further. It's becoming a challenge to keep up! The big one two punch of X-Men Red and Judgment Day has us feeling uncertain about a mutant patriarchal figure - say it ain't so! Charles, do your morally questionable deals behind people's wishes! Spider-Man makes an appearance on our rundown with his Wolverine team-up and it's awkward conversations all around. X-Men 92 ends with a twist as we're both here for Dark Beast and a kickoff to the Midnight Suns mini series has Alicia expanding her reading list! We talk Judgment Day #4, X-Men Red #6, Amazing Spider-Man #9, X-Men 92 #5, Midnight Suns #1 and X-Men Unlimited - phew!

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