The X-Wife Podcast: An Introduction to X-Men Comics

Reign of X: New Comics for August 4th - Hellions and X-Men

August 7, 2021

Only two issues this week, but they pack a punch! The Hellions match-up we've been leading to for months, praise Tarn it's here. What's better than a sassy Sinister? Two sassy Sinisters! Over in X-Men, we've got our second issue of this new team as they start to gel and play off of each other in the field. Stand out moments from a handful of our team and ooo that tease at the end. Praise. Tarn. We talk about Hellions #14 and X-Men #2

Thanks for listening to our fifteenth episode of Season 3! The Hellfire Gala has ended and we snuck back to the island of Krakoa, trying to keep up with all the new mutant stories!! Like, subscribe, follow, email, and @ us all over the internet at thexwifepodcast. If you enjoyed the episode, leave us a review on Apple Podcasts and tell your friends!

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